The Moody Musicians

While brainstorming for this program, Alaina and I agreed the main focus should be on how music translates into emotions. What makes a piece of music sound happy, sad, angry, scary, or peaceful? Through careful deliberation with these specific moods in mind we set out to find music that, we feel, fits these categories. However, music can be interpreted differently therefore throughout the concert we encourage the audience to thoughtfully listen and form their own opinion! 

We designed this concert to be perfect for ages 5-13 by:

  • Encouraging the audience to draw throughout 

  • Encouraging participation with prompts and asking for volunteers

  • Leaving wiggle room for when a member of our young audience feels inclined to tell us all about how their brother's cousin's friend used to play the piano

  • Picking pieces to play that only last 1-3 minutes

Want to learn more? Click below to read through our complementary script of the program. While we will not read line for line during the performance, the essence of our performance trajectory can be found in the script. We encourage all our clients to go over this document so they will know exactly what we plan to do.

Convinced this might be the show for your young audiences? Contact us today!