Casey Stamm


I have been making connections through music since moving to Pittsburgh in 2016. In this time I have performed interactive concerts for a wide variety of audiences some of which include dinner guests at the Smallman Galley, students from Pittsburgh Urban Christian School, visitors of the Oakland Public Library, and guests of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. It is through these musically engaging projects where I found my niche in the classical music world. 


After being influenced by books such as, “Reaching Out: A Musicians Guide to Interactive Performance” by David Wallace, “The Music Teaching Artist’s Bible” by Eric Booth, as well as “Young People’s Concerts” by Leonard Bernstein, I started working with classmates to write and perform scripted chamber programs. The mentors, as well as the classes, from my graduate studies propelled me into a search for a deeper meaning in music. I developed the desire for my audience to connect with the music, regardless of their own musical background.

Having realized how incredibly fortunate I have been to study music and play the coolest instrument in the world, the bassoon, I am developing a portfolio career that allows me to share this passion with others. Currently, I am sharing my love of music by teaching private music lessons, leading Kindermusik classes, and performing virtual interactive concerts with Ears Engaged.

I graduated with a Bachelors of Music in Bassoon Performance as well as a Bachelors of Music in Voice from Liberty University. I earned my Masters of Music from Carnegie Mellon University in Bassoon Performance, and then went on to receive an Advanced Musical Studies in Music Entrepreneurship Certificate. When I am not making reeds, teaching or practicing I enjoy crocheting, baking, and spending time with my husband. 

"Casey is a knowledgeable leader with the ability to inspire great work from her team members. She is dedicated to her work and those that she leads. She creates an enjoyable experience from the mastery of her subject matter to her engaging personality. It is always a pleasure to work with Casey!"

~Justin Pasternak General Manager Banana Republic

Alaina Chester


I grew up in the small town of Genoa, Illinois among the corn. Not having any idea what the oboe even sounded like, I was adamant about playing it simply because no one else wanted to, like a true middle child.


I have a passion for collaborative and educational projects. With the goal of making classical music more accessible in today’s society, my favorite performances are those in everyday spaces, from bus stations to sidewalks. I love creating and performing interactive programs that help the younger generation engage with classical music, hopefully getting rid of the barrier that classical music is just for “old” people.


I'm a musician, private teacher, reed maker and collaborator. I received my Bachelor of Music in Oboe Performance at Indiana University’s Jacobs School of Music, studying with Linda Strommen and Roger Roe. While there I received a Certificate in Arts Administration. I also studied with the principal oboist of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Cynthia DeAlmeida, at Carnegie Mellon University.

When not scraping reeds, I enjoy dancing, watching my cactus grow, and laughing at cult classic B movies.

"Alaina is a consummate citizen-artist; someone as deeply engaged and grounded in her community as she is in the music she performs. Her collaborative spirit, creative outlook, and willingness to take on new projects all contribute to her success as a performer, teacher, and advocate for the accessibility of classical music in the twenty-first century." 

~JJ Silvey, colleague and dear friend

Christopher (CJ) Corbett


Driven by the desire to ignite artistry of others and bring communities closer together through music, I strive to achieve my true potential as a musician. Performing interactive concerts is a wonderful opportunity for me to combine what I love- music and teaching! I believe that by presenting concerts with an interactive approach will make classical music more accessible to audiences and help broaden the perspective of what it means to be a musician.


Music has served my life significantly by giving me a clearer sense of who I am and what I have the potential to accomplish. As a clarinetist, I have performed several concerts throughout the Pittsburgh area including shows with “Weird AL” Yankovic and The Who. In education, I have worked with Carnegie Mellon University School of Music’s Preparatory School in music festivals such as the Summer String Workshop and High Note Festival. I also serve as the artistic director of Carnegie Mellon’s Tartan Wind Ensemble- an ensemble available to everyone who shares the same passion for music! Through my contributions in music education, I hope to leave behind a legacy of motivated and imaginative students.


I am an alumnus of Slippery Rock University and am currently studying at Carnegie Mellon University to receive my K-12 Music Education Certificate. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, playing video games, and spending time with family.

Theresa Abalos


Having grown up in California as the daughter of Filipino immigrants, I moved to Pittsburgh three years ago to pursue studies as a classical musician. My interest in language, history, and cultural identity led me to study these fields as well. 


Today, I am at home performing and sharing my sound with musicians and audiences who come together across differences, from linguistic and cultural to differences in age and ability. 


Most recently, I performed with the Philippine-American Performing Arts of Greater Pittsburgh on flute and kulintang, a traditional Philippine instrument. In addition, I have performed as a flutist in Khūrākī, a live-art piece commissioned by the Office of Public Art and created by Molly Rice, which celebrates Pittsburgh’s Afghan refugee community through theatrical portraits of five women. 


Currently I am a Senior pursuing a Bachelor of Humanities and Arts in Flute Performance and Global Studies at Carnegie Mellon University, where I study with Alberto Almarza. 

Outside of music, I love writing, reading, and spending time in the sun.

“Incredibly professional and remarkably talented... I could not be happier with our collaboration”

~ Molly Rice, playwright and artistic director of RealTime Interventions