Great Expectations

What sort of expectations do you have when listening to a piece of music? Do you want to know exactly what is coming next or do you like to be surprised? How do you feel when your expectations are not met? These are just a couple of things composers think about when writing music. For this program Christopher and I thought 2 excellent composers to compare would be Ludwig Van Beethoven and Francis Poulenc. Separated by about 100 years, these composers wrote in very different styles. In our Great Expectations program we want our audience to explore what expectations they hold when listening to music, and how even when they might not be met, they can still find enjoyment. 

We designed this concert to be for ages 6-12 by:

  • Encouraging participation by giving prompts to the listener before the piece is played & following up after it is over

  • Solidifying musical concepts the audience has probably already been introduced to through an elementary music class

  • Picking pieces of music that challenge the listeners attention span (average 3-6 minutes each with speaking in between)

  • Allowing volunteers to come up and be part of the show through our group composing section of the program (see script below for more information)

Want to learn more? Click below to read through our complementary script of the program. While we will not read line for line during the performance, the essence of our performance trajectory can be found in the script. We encourage all our clients to go over this document so they will know exactly what we plan to do.

Convinced this might be the perfect interactive chamber concert for your audience? Contact us today!